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Get To Know The Board Members


Kristie Walls


She is focused on preserving your trails, improving the shaded grassy campsites, and making Ionia a riding and camping destination in Michigan.

MIckey Dawson

Vice President &

Events Coordinator

Mickey is a long time member, and continues to support Ionia in so many ways!

Maggie VanDyken

Treasurer &

Merchandise Chair

Maggie is an avid supporter, always at our work bees and events, making Ionia better for all of us!

Nancy Simmonds

10+ Year Member &

Director since August 2011.

Nancy likes to ride and camp at ISRA, enjoys events and potlucks, and can always be counted on for work bees!

Nancy is also the president of Fort Custer Horse Friends.

Lea Burger

Lea is a consistent asset to our events and workbees.

Jennifer Ross

Joined IHTA in 2016

and became a director shortly after!


Chris Blievernicht

Has been an asset to our work days for years. We finally convinced him to join the board.  

Tara Sowa
Tara has re-joined our board
and we welcome her input and experience.

Beth Stein.jpeg

Beth Stein joined IHTA in early 2023.

She has already become an integral part of our work bees and events.

Arrianne Crandell became part of our team in 2023 and has been a welcome help

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