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Chili Cookoff

October 5, 2019

Getting set to taste test 13 chilies!s from the toolbar.

1st Place !! Wendy Harris!

2nd Place !! Darrell Miner!

Cal Moreland won the Poker Ride!

Mandy Kellogg won the 50/50!

Mike Moreland won the IHTA Quilt! Lucky fam!

Many thanks to this group of avid IHTA supporters!!

3rd Annual Forbidden Trail Ride

June 29, 2019

Commemorative Quilt for Norma Kilpatrick

Our only remaining charter member.

The 2019 T-shirt for early registrations

Friends out on the "Forbidden Trail"

Catching some shade out on the trail

Glad so many groups enjoyed the trail!

Thank you Wendy Harris for the pics!

2nd Annual Forbidden Trail Ride

June 14, 2018

Mike VanDyke was our Poker Ride winner!

Can you

believe it??

Mike VanDyke

won the 50/50


Chili Cookoff

Winning Chili - Curt Walls

2nd Place - Bonnie Cornelius

We forgot to get pictures of the winning chili chefs!

October 6, 2018

3rd Place - Susan Manes

Sitting down to taste test 9 chilies!

Char Prochazka won the Poker Ride

And Larry Prochazka won the 50/50!

1st Ever Forbidden Trail Ride

July 15, 2017

We were so busy getting it done, we forgot to take many pictures!

Sue Manes & Tara Sowa

Lunch out on he trail. Many gathered.

Ron & Carla Walker

Chili Cook-off 2017

October 14, 2017

Chili Cookoff Weekend 2016

Marsha Putnam, President of Sleepy Hollow Trail Riders Association won our Poker Ride!

Darrell Miner

Won Again!!

1st Place Chili

Keeping the chili hot!

Dishing up samples for tasting.

DTRA - our Most Steadfast Supporters!

Chili Cookoff Weekend

October 16-18, 2015

Awesome Campfire

Friday night 10/16/15

Poker Ride Winner

Rob Strader

1st place Chili

Darrell Miner

2nd place Chili

Carrie Carpenter

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