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Ionia Horse Trails Association 

To Preserve and Protect
The first State Park in Lower Michigan to have corrals for your horses!!

What is a work-bee?

A work-bee is a planned day when IHTA members and supporters gather to improve the horse trails and campground. We trim overhanging branches, clear fallen trees, repair wash-outs, pick up trash, clear debris on campsites, set picket posts, and clean out fire rings. 

When bigger projects are in order, we work together with the DNR staff planning and executing whatever needs done.

We also have fun, building friendships with like minded riders, and share a meal.

        **~** March 28, 2021 will be our Spring Workbee (rain date 4/11) **~**
                           Please come help us spruce up the trails and campground!

3.31.2019 Spring Clean up                           and                                  9.28.2019 Arena Workbee

4.21.2018 Workbee - Trail Clearing and  Corrals,   M.R.S. began the Confidence Course.

4.17.2017 Workbee - There are so many photos we put an album on our Facebook page Ionia Horse Trails - IHTA.

September 21, 2016  Board Members Robbin Stout, Carrie Platte, & Nancy Simmonds along with our Park Supervisor, Trevor McGinn repair the wash out on the Cart Trail.

April 9, 2016   Heavy over night snow buried much of what we had hoped to clean up in the campground, so a few of us just picked up the big stuff. Kurt & Shelby Lipka, Chris Blievernicht, and Curt Walls.

October 10, 2015  Board Members clean fire pits in the campground, trim and clear trails,                               and remove fallen trees before the Chili Cookoff weekend.

September, 2015   Robbin & Jay Stout single handidly (ok - two sets of hands!) install a                                   culvert, gravel, and edging ( recycled- too short picket posts) to shore up                             a section of muddy trail.

April 25, 2015    Replacing loose picket poles in the campground, 

                            and setting some new ones.